Basic Poker Rules – Texas Hold’Em

basic poker rules

Basic Poker Rules – Texas Hold’Em

Texas Hold’em poker is the most famous button poker variant and therefore the same particular button is applied on this game version. According to the standard poker rules the poker action begins with first hand betting.

Commonly the players who have the second poker chip after the player who has the first button make the usual required blind bets, small and big blinds as well. The players must not use any of their chips during the betting stage, if they have more than one button, they must keep their chips and use them for later play. When a player bets, he leaves a button behind and when the other player makes his bet, he takes over the left button. If there is no left button, it will automatically be taken by the player making the bet.

The first hand is dealt to each player with his face up and there is a maximum of two hands dealt per player per game. Aces are the first cards dealt and the players have an equal chance of winning or losing. The flop consists of seven cards and all the three cards that are dealt face up, the five cards in the middle and the four cards on the right and left. The cards dealt in the flop form two pairs, a straight, a flush and four of a kind.

If there is a high card, it will be dealt before the turn to give the player an opportunity to take the next hand. If the player is holding no cards, the opponent has the opportunity of raising the bet and forcing the player to take another hand. The player should raise only if his hand contains a pair. The player must keep one card in his pocket for later play with this card only.

After the flop, all the players follow suit and the person holding the top card of the deck is the first player to reveal their cards. Then each player reveals his cards and the first one to reveal a pair of cards is followed. This continues until there are two pairs, a pair and an ace and after this, the cards dealt in the middle are revealed and so on until there are no more cards to be played.

In the initial betting phase, there is a minimum amount of money which is required to be wagered. The amount can be increased or decreased according to the requirements of the player and the rules of the game.